A simple counselor working in the vineyard of the Lord.

 Healing is Possible

What I Do



I believe each of us can live full, integrated, liberated, and loving lives. For 20 years I have counseled individuals who are in a crisis of addiction, anxiety, depression, and many other conditions. Much of the success of counseling hinges on supplanting the lies in our worldview with the truth. And belive me, the truth really does set one free. 



For 15 years I have served on the faculty of Siena Heights University (named for St. Catherine of Siena) teaching Psychology, Peacemaking, Ethics, and the Liberal Arts. I teach because, frankly, the world needs more counselors. My students are engaged in discussions which illuminate what it means to be integrated in body, mind, soul, and purpose, and how it is that we can more deeply live the edict: love your neighbor as yourself.


Workshops & Presentations

It seems that with every passing year, the Lord calls me further afield to speak truth and hope to the hundreds and thousands of us who are hurting. I have given talks on overcoming addiction, anxiety, suicide, and depression. I speak at school assemblies and classes, conferences, parish missions, and to wherever the Lord invites me next.

The Healing Road Podcast


Podcast Mission Statement

Myself and my friend Ben Pohl co-host this weekly, 15-minute podcast . From the insights of modern psychology to the wisdom of our Catholic faith, we explore healing through relationship with God. 

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Ben Pohl

Ben Pohl is my friend, fellow-worker in the field of ministry, and Co-Host of this podcast. Ben currently serves as the High School Campus Minister at Lansing Catholic High School. This man has dedicated his life to helping the youth of today become the saints of tomorrow. 


Jim Owens

This podcast gives me the opportunity to highlight the best of what we‘ve learned from the fields of counseling and psychology, and to share how these same insights, also found in the wisdom of our Catholic tradition, can inspire us to live meaningful lives of service to one another in Christ.

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The first step toward healing is acknowledging the wound. The second is choosing to consider doing something about it.

If you are hurting and need to talk with someone, please consider calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

James Robert Benedict Owens